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Shrishivajinagar, Rahuri factory,Ahmednagar 413706

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University(formerly known as Pune University), Approved by AICTE New Delhi, DTE Mumbai, M.S.

Lab & Equipments

Sr. No. Name of Lab Equipments
1 Digital Electronics Lab a) Digital trainer model-DT3.
b)Digital trainer model-DT4.
c)Digital trainer model-DT6
d)Xilink software(logic edition Version-ISE12(1).2SWFLOW
e)Digital IC Tester
f)Analog IC Tester (Transfer to EDC lab)
2 Electronic Design & circuit Lab 1) LCR Meter Handheld
2)Analog & digital trainer
3)Analog trainer
4)LIC Trainer
5)Digital IC Tester
6)DC Transfer characteristic of Differential amplifire
7)OP –amp integrator
8)Schmitt Trigger transfer characteristic
9)RTD based instrumentation amplifire
10)V-I Converter
11)Half wave fullwave precesion rectifire
12)A to D convertor using R-2R
13)Sample & hold circit
14)Study of PLL using IC 565
15)Design built & test for tested used in RPM indicator
16)Complementry symmetry power amplifier
17)Single stage amplifier
18)Current series feedback amplifire
19)Complimentry Symmentry power
20)Mosfet as Switch
21)Transister As Switch
22)Regulated power supply
23)Function generator
24)CRO (20MHz)
25)Function generator
26)Digital multimeter
28)Regulated DC Power supply
29)6 ½ DMM (GDM-8261A-600v)
30)Digital Storage Oscilloscope (50MHz) 250M sa/5 GDS-1052v
31)True RMS Meter 9vIEC6F22B/JLR61
32)Logic Analyser (32 Channels) FF120A
33)Frequency Counter (FC3165 High Resolution counter
34)Single stage CS JFET amplifire
35)Phase Shift oscillator using JFET
36)Wein Bridge oscillator using JFET
37)Colpitts oscillator using JFET
3 Basic Electronic Lab 1) CRO 20Mhz,Dual Channel 2Trace
2)Function Generator 0.1-5MHz with frequency counter up to 10MHz
3)Zener Diode V_I characteristic apparatus(forward &reverse)
4)Half wave ,fullwave & Bridge rectifier apparatus
5)Common Emitter transistor amplifier(single stage amp)
6)Clipping & Clapping ciruikts apparatus
7)Application of IC 555
8)Study of wein bridge oscillator using transistor
9)Application of operational amplifier(Discrete componant trainer)
10)Study of phase shift oscillatior
11)Study of Logic gates using TTL IC’s(Changing Model Digital IC Trainer kit)
12)Transistor characteristic apparatus with regulated power supplies & four anolog meters
13)Baising Techniques of transistors (BJT)
14)FET common sources amplifire
15)LVDT trainer kit (pending)
16)DC Regulated power supply dual channel (with four digital panel meters) 0-30v DC/2amp with fixed 5v /3.3v output
17)DC Regulated power supply dual channel (with two digital panel meters) 0-30DC /2amp with fixed 5v/3.3v output
4 Electrical Lab 1) Varification of superposition Theorem
2)Varification of KVL &KCL
3)LCR Resonance Apparatus with built in sine wave oscillator(RLC Series Ckt)
4)Sodium Vapor lamp 35watt Fitted in box with transformer
5)Mercury vapor lamp 80watt fitted in box with transformer
6)DC Regulator power supply single channel(with two digital panel meter
7)Variac 8 ampssingle phase(Dimmer State X’mer)
8)Variac 15amps single phase
9)Sngle phase transformer 1KVA/230/230V ACwith tapping at 50%& 86.65
10)Sngle phase transformer 2KVA/230/230VAC with tapping at 50%& 86.6%
11)Rheostate 100ohm 5A * 225-ohm 1.2A (250-ohm Replace) 290ohm 2.8A 570ohm 1.2A
12)Single Phase Lamp Load Bank(1)
13)Three Phase Lamp Load Bank(1)
14)AC & DC Rectifire unit 230V(1)
15)DC Supply Board (4)
16)AC Supply Board (6)
17)Speed Control Of DC Shunt Motor
18)Measurement Of active power using 2 wattmeter Method
19)Load Test Of 3-Phase Induction Motor
20)Use Of Megger
5 Digital Communication Lab 1) GSM Evaluation Trainer Kit (with Antenna, Receiver,Series Code)
2)Antenna System Trainer
3)CDMA Trainer Kit (CDMA100)
4)3G Mobile Trainer (withReceiver,Battary)3GMOBILE100
5)PSTN Trainer (PSTN100)
6)Mobile Phone Trainer(with Receiver)(MOBILE100)
7)VOIP Trainer
8)Study of DM system
9)Study of ADM system
10)Generation of reception of FSK
11)Spectral analysis of line coad
12)Sampling theorm
13)Study of PCM with uniform & non-uniform quantisation
14)Generation & Reception of BPSK & its spectral analysis
15)Generation & Reception of QPSK & its spectral analysis
16)Detection of Digital Baseband Signal Using Matched Filter
17)Generation & Detection of DS-SS BPSK
18)Digital Storage Oscilloscope
19)Spectrum Analyser 3-GHz with tracking generator N to BNC connector for above
20)Class C single tuned amplifier
21)AM Generator & Detector
22)AM transmitter
23)FM transmitter
24)Frequency modulator & Demodulator
25)Measurement of receiver characteristics
26)Generation of DSB –SC
27)Verification of sampling theorem
28)SSB modulator & its detection
29)Build and test AM transmitter
30)Build and test FM transmitter
31)Class C single tuned amplifier
32)AM modulator & Demodulator
33)F M modulator & Demodulator
34)Measurement of receiver characteristics
35)AM transmitter
36)FM transmitter
37)SSB mod & Its Detection
38)Verification of sampling theorem
39)ANTENNA SYSTEM TRAINER KIT WITH 1. DIPOLE PATCH 3. YAGI WDA 4. Parabolic Reflector 5.Folded Dipole
6 Optical Fiber Communication Lab 1) Characteristics of source LED & Laser(Model FOT100CH)
2)Study of Numerical Aperature(Sigma-(Model FOT100A)
3)Study Of Bending Loss & Propagation Loss(FOT100E)
4)Study Of Analog Link (Part A&B 1.TransmitterKit(FOT101 2.Receiver Kit(FOT101B)
5)StudyOf Digital Link Part- A &B 1TransmitterKit(FOT202 2.Receiver Kit(FOT101B
6)Frequency Response Of Detector(Model OPT22)
7)Bandwidth Measurment Of Given Fiber (Model FOT100J)
8)Optical Power Meter (SN OPM 1211672) BC3220
9)Characteristics of source LED & Laser (Model FOT100CH)
10)Study of Numerical Aperature(Sigma-(Model FOT100A)
11)Study Of Bending Loss & Propagation Loss(FOT100E)
12)Frequency Response Of Detector (Model OPT22)
13)Bandwidth Measurment Of Given Fiber (Model FOT100J)
7 VLSI & Microcontroller 1) Programming of 8051 on simulator (simple programs)
2)Programming of 8051 on simulator (complexprograms)
3)LED interfacing with 8951
4)LCD and keypad interfacing
5)ADC interfacing using 12C bus
6)DAC interfacing using 12C bus
7)Stepper motar interfacing
8)Communication using RS232 using serial port of 8951
9)Case study -1st
10)Case study -2nd
11)PIC 80F Development board
12)PIC KIT3 Programmer
13)Interfacing board for LED, Key
14)Interfacing board for EPROM
15)Interfacing board for DC Motor
16)Analog to Digital (VB 03) 091134,091135
17)VLSI Trainer (Scientech102)
18)Sensor &Displacement (VB 16) 030915,030916
19)Analog to Digital (VB03)
20)Static RAM (VB 05) 121121,121122
21)Digital to Analog (VB 04)111234
22)Traffic Light Controller ( VB 06)
23)Real Time Clock(VB 07)071145
24)FPGA Trainer Kit
25)Traffic Light Controller
8 Network & Power Lab 1) Series & parallel resonance kit
2)LPF & HPF circuits
3)DC Motor control kit
4)Semiconvertor kit with R & RL
5)1 phase AC voltage regulator
6)SMPS Trainer kit
7)DC C hopper step down
8)SCR Triggering using UJT
9)SCR Triggering using UJT (785)
10)Effect of antisaturation circuits
11)UPS Trainer kit
12)1 phase full converter with R & RL
13)Thevenin & maximum power transfer theorem
14)Twin T network
16)T & TT attenuator
17)1 phase full convertor
18)Wein Bridge Oscllator
9 Television Lab (B.E) 1) Colour TV Trainer ModelCDM101S (with TV)
2)Wobbulator With Test Jig(S846T)
3)Colour Pattern Generator(sr.no13C003)
4)DTH TV Receiver
5)WI-FI TV Trainer(Recever & transmitter)
6)Mobile TV Trainer (MOBILE 100)
7)IPTV Trainer (MOBILE100Rx) (MOBILE100Tx)
8)DVD Player Trainer
9)Digital TV Trainer
10 Embedded & RTOS Lab (B.E) 1) ARM 2148 Board with power supply, Serial cable etc.
2)ARM9 Based Development Board
3)ARM9 Based Development Board 4*4 Keyboard (5/6/14)
4)Interfacing of 12C based EPROM
5)TFT display Interface
6)LPC168 Development Board
7)GSM Interfacing
8)Seven Segment Display Interfacing (free)
9)Graphic LCD Interfacing

Rahuri Factory, Ahmednagar 413706



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